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Do you want to know how to become a stripper? This video from Strip and Grow Rich, the Original Stripper School in Las Vegas reviews all the details about auditioning at a strip club. This video answers all the questions you might be afraid to ask!


If you decide that you are ready to become a stripper there are many things that you need to know prior to going and getting hired at a club of your choice. The first thing you want to do is go to a club that you are thinking of working in- as a customer- during the desired shift that you wish to work. You want to see what the club looks like, who the customers are,what the other dancers are like and if it is a place you can see yourself spending a decent amount of time at.


There are three different types of Gentleman’s clubs the first is the Upscale Club.  These are usually part of a chain such as Ricks Cabaret, Penthouse, and Christies. These types of clubs have dress codes and you are often expected to wear a long gown similar to an evening gown only a little more likes lingerie. They often have high house fees and support staff that you are expected to tips out an average of 10-20% of your total nightly income. These clubs are often filled with business men and city dwellers who prefer more upscale establishments, so expect to spend a lot of money on gowns and rhinestone jewelry to match your clientele. Also these clubs tend to be large in size and have a lot of entertainers working nightly.

The second type of club is your Neighborhood Club. These types of clubs are a little more laid back and often attract locals or tourists depending on the location. You can be a little more flexible with your costumes and themes. This is usually a good place to start if you are new to dancing as well. Some of the clubs are located in industrial areas and others are like neighborhood bars with topless or nude entertainment.

The third type of club is your third tier or dive bar club.  These are usually located in very urban areas of town and often have a more ‘divey’ clientele. They are usually very lenient with the hiring process and the dress code for both entertainers and customers and attract a little rougher crowd. Parking, lighting and security can be a problem at some of these, so be careful. You can also use reviews via online sources such as and For this kind of information, you want to avoid such sites as and as those are generally made for customers and not entertainers. Those last two websites are designed for guys to find a place to party, but not so good for you to find where you’d like to work!
Now that you have picked a club you wish to work at it is time to audition. There are things you should bring the first is your stripper stilettos
. Typically these are 5 inches or more and platform types, you can get them at many of the dancer stores and even some adult stores. Also you want to have a LEGAL g-string. Some states ask for a full t-back type G-string so check with the club and local laws before you audition at your place of choice. Also you want to bring two outfits.  Sometimes a club manager wants to see you in more than one type of outfit and also you could have a spill so it’s better to be safe than sorry.When you audition there are three different types of auditions some clubs want to see you onstage performing and will have you do an actual stage rotation, on the main stage, in which the club’s manager will watch your performance and decide upon if he or she wishes to hire you and for what shift.The second type is also a stage rotation and is on a smaller private stage often called a “satellite stage” in which the manager will have you perform and decide after that.The third type of audition which is often common in Las Vegas is where you dress out and are eyeballed by management in the dressing room and then given a shift accordingly. Keep your confidence up and you will get hired at a place of your choice.

When you audition you should walk in looking sexy but NOT slutty. DO NOT wear your stripper stilettos but do wear a short skirt or form fitting pants that show off your figure and a halter or low cut top. You want something that is nice, classy and sexy at the same time. Your first impression is your strongest so make sure you are as nice and polite as possible to the doorman and anyone you come into contact with prior to management as they often alert management prior to an audition on your character. Also DO NOT wear gym clothes or your Juicy tracksuit!  Remember, you want to leave the impression that you are a sexy, articulate, classy female that they would consider an asset to the establishment of your choice.

Congratulations!You got hired at the club of your choice and are now ready to start a career as an exotic dancer. The first thing you will have to do is paperwork. While you are an independent contractor many states and clubs require you to have an IRS forum w-9 that states that you agree to be an independent contractor and are responsible for filing your own tax return. Yes just like any other job you have to pay taxes on your earnings. This is where a bankaccount comes into play and more information on this topic can be found in DancerWise.

Make sure you keep a record of your earnings and save ALL of your receipts. A lot of states now also require you to keep a business license. The club will often provide the referral as well as information on how to do this. The cost is usually 100 dollars and often you are also required to have a Sheriff’s card as well. Again check with your state laws as well as the club as they will provide the information on what you need to start working at their establishment. Now that you have all your paperwork complete here is what to expect before you work. Often a club will start with its orientation. This is an overview of the club’s rules and procedures as well as dance and drink prices. This is a great place to ask any questions you may have before you start on this shift and clear up and confusion. This is often conducted by a manager or house mom (the lady in the locker room who provides odds and ends, food, and moral support). This can be a tour of the club, list of rules, power-point presentation or lecture in the dressing room.House fees are a stage rental that the club charges you each night to work. This can vary upon your time and shift at the club. You will also often have to pay tip outs sometimes they are mandatory and other times it is at your discretion. This is often a minimum to the DJ, Security Staff/Bouncers, House mom and sometimes the manager as well. Inquire about these beforeyou start working so that you know exactly how much you are required to spend each night you work.Keep track of all of these expenses with this tool:
Now that you are hired you need to decide upon which shift to work. Often there are three shifts depending on the city in which you are dancing in. The first is the Day shift typically this starts at 11am and is the local business lunch crowd. Some clubs may be earlier depending on location and hours. The second shift is the Mid shift which is usually from 3pm-7pm and consists of a happy hour and sometimes lunch or food specials this is usually an after work crowd with some couples and many regulars thrown in as well. The next shift is the Night shift which is often after 8pm and is the busiest shift at most clubs. Las Vegas is a little different it that it is open 24 hours a day and has Prime Time which starts at 8pm Early Am shift which isMidnight to 3am and Days which is anytime after 9am. Again you want to go into clubs on theshift(s) you desire to see where you will fit in. It’s allconfidence.A lap dance sale is a lap dancesale no matter what time of day.

In the bag
There are a few things you need to make sure you have in your dancer bag prior to working to ensure a safe shift. It is better to have these items and be safe than to run around looking for them or have to run home because you forgot them. The first is a Combination LOCK. Oftentimes if you are the new girl you won’t have a locker and may have to use a temporary one. You want to make sure your things and money are safe and locked up while you are on the floor.Also take Makeup for touch ups just what you need not the whole bag; in case something is stolen you don’t want to have to replace everything.Two extra outfits, this is in case you have a spill and also you are dancing so you sweat therefore you want to change your outfit at least once in your shift to stay fresh and new. It is hard to convince someone wealthy to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars while you are dirty and have your top held up with a safety pin.Two extra G-strings again better to be safe than sorry, Body spray or perfume
NOT LOTION, lotion is slippery and often gets on stage thus making the next set slippery for the nextentertainer and is often prohibited in most clubs.Feminine productsagain better safe thansorry as well assuperglue for your shoes; you would be surprised what a little dab can fix. Youalso want to make sure you have asmall snack or twoof about 210 calories each. Balance and Zone bars are a great and easy choice you want to eat every 2-3 hours to keep your energy levelup also abottle of waterto stay hydrated.

Stripper Etiquette
Now a very important topic, don’t skip this one! You want to make sure you mind your manners even in a strip club to avoid any hassles.
Don’t dance for the guys at the tip- rail this iswhere another entertainer is trying to make money just as you are and is often considered to be very rude. If you have someone sitting at stage who wants a dance make sure you take himto another area like the couches, private room or even V.I.P. also if you do take a customerfrom stage try to get him to tip the dancer or leave her some tips yourself before taking off todance.If you are on stage with another entertainer pick up your tips when given to you and
keep moving- share the good tippers with the other girl on stage and alert her to rude customers orsomeone handsy in a discrete manner.
Treat the other girls with respect and how you want tobe treated as well. If sets are only one girl per stage make sure to BE ON TIME!  Don’t make the other girl before you wait.

Personal Hygiene
Make sure you hair is always washed, legs, armpits, and bikini line are clean and shaven or waxed, teeth are brushed and your costume is clean, you are someone’s fantasy and first impressions are extremely important. Also avoid chewing gum on the floor, often it looks tacky and if it falls makes a huge mess.
Your ability to make massive amounts of income depends onyour ability to gain rapport with your customers, and close lap dance or VIP sales. Yourcustomer has to be comfortable and trust you before he or she is going to spend money on you.You are selling a product which is time with yourself to someone else. Looking pretty, whileimportant, does not always equal time in the champagne room. This is a skill based businessand you are selling your time, attention and companionship as well as drinks and merchandisein the club. If you know the sales game you will be successful. This is a business so treat it assuch, you have to be 110% percent -unlike most jobs you can’t clock in and go through the motions in a strip club. It took Avalon Five years to figure part of this system our on her own. We all wish we had amentor to accelerate our busting of the learning curve…The DancerWealth Sales System WILL teach you the skills necessary to run a truly profitable stripping business.


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